This document contains the linsk to the other files you may want following attendance at the STEM Seminar Day held during the 2017 NFB Convention.

STEM Seminar Day: 10 July 2017

I gave two talks on this day. The first was actually prepared for the UseR conference held 4-7 July 2017. I did not read all the content of this file in the STEM Seminar Day as some of it is a little technical. You can read the notes for the UseR talk. As part of that talk, I opened a histogram of a variable called Ozone Please note that this example does not work if opened in Internet Explorer because IE does not handle the scalable vector graphics (SVG) file format being used.

The secodn talk was on Markdown and LaTeX

Tutorials: 11-15 July 2017

Two tutorials are being run during the week. The second tutorial will only make sense to those people who have at least read through the material from the first tutorial.

Full participation at the tutorials can only be handled if you can install the necessary software. This isn’t hard and doesn’t take long for Windows users. The installation files will be made available in person if required, but if you have time please look over the getting started document.

Tutorial 1: An Introduction to R Tutorial 1 in pdf Tutorial 1 in MS Word format

Tutorial 2: R markdown — A powerful tool for report preparation Tutorial 2 in pdf Tutorial 2 in MS Word format

N.B. The pdf and MS Word files have the exact same content as can be found by clicking the links.