Wednesday 28 November


Time What’s on
9:00 Opening
9:05 KeynoteAddress Plenary address: Assoc. Prof. Ilze Ziedins
10:00 TeaBreakIcon Morning tea break
10:30 Contributed talk session 2
12:10 MealIcon Lunch break and ORSNZ Annual General Meeting in AH2
1:10 Contributed talk session 3
2:00 Time to allow movement between rooms
2:05 KeynoteAddress Plenary address: Prof. Geoff Jones
3:00 TeaBreakIcon Afternoon tea break
3:30 Contributed talk session 4
5:10 End of formal sessions
5:15 Meetings: NZSA Annual General Meeting in AH3 and ORSNZ Council Meeting in AH2
6:30 MealIcon ORSNZ dinner, including presentation of awards, at Wharerata (on campus)

Contributed Session 2

Time AH1 AH2 AH3
Theme Health Natural Hazards Optimisation 2
10:30 KM Lin Huang Mason
10:55 Adams Frigerio-Porta Downward
11:20 Cleland Shahzadi Gosse
11:45 C Lin Bebbington Raith

Contributed Session 3

Time AH1 AH2 AH3
Theme Forensics Transport 1 Business
1:10 Gupta Tidswell S Marshall
1:35 Wen Prendergast Thomas

Contributed Session 4

Time AH1 AH2 AH3
Theme Nature & Energy Dimension Reduction Theory and methods
3:30 Stewart Chen Turner
3:55 Adiga Xu Raubenheimer
4:20 Shanker Tran Yee
4:45 Smith L Li X Xiao