Thursday 29 November

Wi-fi on campus

You should look for the visitor wi-fi service. Massey people should use the Massey networks and everyone else will use the “MUGuests” (unsecured) network.

Find out more about this service on the frequently asked questions page

This is a three device 600MB capacity per person service.

Alternative services that can be reached include Eduroam and Inspire, the latter is a local ISP that provides fairly good service across Palmerston North.


  • Please note: Last bus leaves campus at 7:10pm
  • Session chairs for today. Please contact Jonathan to assist.
  • transport to Coachman. Taxi vans are here at 6.00; you may have to wait for the second round.
  • late night transport back to campus from the Coachman. We will arrange taxi vans as required.


Time What’s on
9:00 Opening
9:05 KeynoteAddress Plenary address: Prof. Stefan Nickel
10:00 TeaBreakIcon Morning tea break
10:30 Contributed talk session 5
12:10 MealIcon Lunch break
1:10 Contributed talk session 6
2:00 Time to allow movement between rooms
2:05 KeynoteAddress Plenary address: Prof. Alan Welsh Chair: Ian Westbrooke
3:00 TeaBreakIcon Afternoon tea break
3:30 Analytics Forum
5:10 End of formal sessions
6:00 Transport provided to the Coachman Hotel for Pre-dinner meet-up
7:00 MealIcon NZSA dinner, including presentation of awards

Contributed Session 5

Time AH1 AH2 AH3
Theme Lolly Scramble 2 Health Energy
10:30 Mahmoodjanlou Maindonald Read
10:55 F Li Davies Philpott
11:20 Angelin-Bonnet Cabrera-Guerrero Noble
11:45 Tabassum O’Sullivan McDonald
Chair J.Marshall O’Sullivan McDonald

Contributed Session 6

Time AH1 AH2 AH3
1:10 Lightning talks Krsinich Sibanda
1:35 Thomasen Pearson Hazelton
Chair volunteer wanted Pearson Vignes

Lightning talks

Speakers for the five lightning talks will be given at most four minutes to speak and then 30 seconds to field one question before the next speaker will start. The five speakers are Jonathan Godfrey, Rina Parry, Jonathan Marshall, Sarah Pirikahu, and Ellie Johnson. N.B. The order of the speakers has not yet been finalised.

Analytics Forum

We are pleased that with the support of Fonterra,


we are able to host an Analytics Forum with the theme, “Analytics in the Primary Sector”. The forum will be held in AH1.

Speakers are Vanessa Cave, Kim Frew, and Mark Piper.